Aisha Rauf- Alberta Party Nominee for Edmonton –Rutherford

Having raised her family in Royal Gardens from 2013-2017, Aisha has been an integral part of the Rutherford Constituency. With her daughters continuing to study in the community schools, Aisha is still connected to the community.

A strong believer in Alberta Party’s manifesto, Aisha is hard working, passionate about communities and social causes. Her public service and partnership with Alberta Party are to ensure a right future is paved for the younger generation.

Diversity, inclusive workforce and women empowerment are topics that Aisha is passionate about and believes are key to making Alberta strong.

Aisha “I believe the Alberta Party is the party to lead Alberta back to prosperity, and urge Albertans to join this momentum to make Alberta Strong again!”

Stronger Alberta for a better future.

Albertans have an entrepreneurial spirit and consistently demonstrate a drive to innovate, adapt and prevail through ups and downs. Aisha and her family are proud to be a part of the culture that uplifts each other and comes together when in need.

Aisha is committed to the Alberta Party vision of diversity, integrity, transparency, and collaboration.

As a leader of positive change, she values inclusiveness, ideas over ideologies, and championing economic, environmental and, social responsibility that Alberta Party strives for.