Aisha Rauf is certified ESL and Senior’s instructor and small business owner, raising her three daughters in Edmonton. As a mother, volunteer and community leader, Aisha understands the importance of a strong Alberta to create a better and beautiful future not just for her daughters but also for the Albertans.

She is serving as General Secretary for Multi-Cultural Association of Alberta, Edmonton (MAA), and held the following post:

  • Ex-Director of Buzm e Sukhan Literary and Cultural Society of Edmonton
  • Ex-General Secretary, Women’s Wing of Pakistan Cultural Association of Edmonton (PCAE)
  • Board Member of Canadian Peace Initiative
  • Elected Provincial Director of Alberta Party (On leave)

Besides working for Catholic Social Services full time, Aisha actively volunteers for Vernon Bradford Junior High School and Green Fields Elementary School. She is presently pursuing her Ph.D. in Linguistics. Her paper was published in an international journal.

Aisha is noted and welcomed in diverse ethnic communities of Alberta because of her relentless contribution to promote and help these communities. She is one of the prominent members of South Asian Communities having run fundraisers for various community projects since the year 2000. She is a staunch supporter of Women Empowerment and stands by self-employed and small businesses run by women.

She is a strong supporter of gender equality and promoter of women empowerment and diversity as a power of Canada.

She never shies from social causes even if they are thousands of miles away, supporting #Rohingyas or setting up a candlelight vigil for #justice for Zainab!

In her free time, she loves to play with her two cats and six budgies. Stop by her house on weekends to meet her and her furry friends and hear her talk about Alberta Party’s plan to make Alberta strong again! Learn how you can contribute alongside Aisha to strengthen Alberta for us and the future generations.